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Association Management Professionals 

Hello. Welcome to Flaherty Associates, a professional association management firm that provides quality services to membership societies, non-profit organizations, and professional and trade associations in need of assistance. Flaherty Associates coordinates the management of day-to-day administrative activities and develop and execute association services, communications, planning, programs, conferences and events.

Job Opening:  Meetings and Project Coordinator

Flaherty Associates is looking for an individual with an understanding of the association management business, a person that is results-driven, tech-savvy and detail-oriented.
The associate in this position will report directly to and provide administrative support to the President and Owner of Flaherty Associates, interact with association leaders and assist in the planning and execution of up to 25 state, regional and international meetings per year as well as association development and support services. Read More...

About Flaherty Associates 

Services Include:

•    Conference and Event Management
•    Communications and Design
•    Administration and Finance
•    Board and Committee Management
•    Membership Services
•    Fundraising
•    Legislative Advocacy
•    Strategic Planning
•    Website Management